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I.T. Foods Industries Co.,Ltd. Samutsakorn Industrial Estate 39/108 Moo 2 Bangkrajao, Muang, Samutsakorn 74000 THAILAND
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     I.T. Foods Industries Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of frozen food products for more than 29 years. The company is located at Samutsakhon Industrial Estate, Samutsakhon province is the central of Thailand. Raw materials are supplied or delivered to the factory which are selected by emphasis on quality, freshness and safety is the key through standardized production processes at every stage then deliver to customers.

  • Production area of ​​2,077 square meters
  • Employees 250 people
  • Production capacity 3,000 tons / year
  • Type of freezer are Air blast, Tunnel
  • Type of freezing are Semi-IQF, IQF and Block
  • Cold storage capacity 600 tons

Message from the President

     We are very pleasure to meet you on our new website that has been updated to provide you with complete and up-to-date information. We have been doing in field of frozen food business for export since 1990. With more than 20 years, we highly intend to develop new products to meet the needs of customers for a better quality of life.
     In the future, we have a plan to bring I.T. Foods Industries Co., Ltd. into the MAI market. With the strongly intention, to bring you and our staffs to be a part of the company’s owner, as well as, to produce and develop products to the world market steadily.
     We pledge to all of you that we maintain product’s quality and continue to develop product steadily, as well as, we provide our best service to the customers.

     Finally we would like to thank all of you visit our website. And we highly hope that you will support our products in order that we will have the opportunity to serve all customers forever.


     We are the manufacturer who produce and develop frozen and processed food products with high quality, cleanliness, freshness, safety and excellent service. 


- The company produces food products that response and meet consumer’s needs and living of life with applying innovative up-date production technology.

- The company treats either customers, consumers or employees as a member in the family with good governance.

- Create economic value and create reputation for the country to bring our goods to the world market according to the government's policy (Thailand 4.0)

Our history

     First established under the name of Inter Tropic Foods Co., Ltd. in 1990, and later expanded our business by merging with I.T. Foods Industries Co., Ltd. Which was new establishment in 1992. Factory size is over 5 rai located in Samutsakhon Industrial Estate in Samutsakhon Province. At present, the registered capital is 45,000,000 baht and awarded “The certificate of Honor the Prime Ministry Industry Award for an Outstanding Achievement in Small and Medium Industries Management”
     With our expertise in producing and developing products efficiently to the global market, such as READY-TO-COOK and READY-TO-EAT, with selection of quality ingredients and sophisticated production procedures to every detail in every step in bringing the products to the world market (Thailand Food Quality to the World) under the international quality system :

- ISO 9001 : 2015
- ISO 22000 : 2005
By striving to improve and develop the quality of product even better and better.



     I.T. Foods Industries Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of frozen products in Thailand. We export over 15 countries which span over 4 continents : America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.